Our range of CNC machines

We have an expert team on hand to take your project from concept to delivery, whether you are looking to create a one off prototype, a personalised design or for large scale production work. View our range of CNC machines below, take a look at our Materials Matrix to see what materials we can cut (everything apart from toughened glass) or get in contact to find out more.

Our modern CNC routers are able to cut a wide range of materials to precise tolerances with exceptional quality. Able to cut wood, composites, aluminium, plastics, foams and many more materials at high speeds whilst maintaining the highest of standards makes the CNC router a perfect solution to many projects.

All of our CNC routers work to exact measurements, it doesn’t matter if it is a cut to size part, or a part with multiple processors involved. With use of advanced software we are able to take on a range of small, or large-scale projects varying from 2D to 3D machining. We strive to keep up with the market and invest in the newest, and best machinery, allowing us to keep providing and operating to the highest standards.

Our CNC routers are equipped with a knife and camera system. The addition of a knife means we offer unparalleled accuracy when cutting, offering you a digital finish.

With the dual knife function available on our CNC machines this allows us to have multiple knife options at once, which include an oscillating knife, drag knife and 45-degree knife, we are able to take on any enquiry. We are able to quickly cut plastic, composites, cardboard, foam, leather and much more, offering a quality finish.


Our COCNC Laser machine enables us to offer perfect precision laser cutting, laser etching and laser engraving on many materials such as plastics, woods and foams.

Our Fibre CNC Laser machine is perfect for all of your metal cutting needs whether you want an engraved brass door plate or some stainless steal cutlery. With the latest technology, our fibre laser machine is able to produce metal parts at a great speed, and to the best quality.

A CNC Waterjet is the perfect solution for the most precise and detailed jobs. Using it’s very fine 1.09mm nozzle it is equipped to cut the most intricate products whilst maintaining a high quality.  Due to the machining capabilities and robustness it is also capable of cutting long batch runs in the harshest materials whilst sustaining tight tolerances and high standards.

A pump creates a high-pressure water jet, once created, we add an abrasive substance to allow the CNC machine to cut all materials. A Waterjet is capable of cutting any material apart from toughened glass including metals, rubber, granite and wood.